Start Your First Knitting Or Crochet Project

If you are keen about learning to knit / crochet, take the leap, dont think twice! A few things that you should remember, for the courage and motivation:

  1. Anything you learned to do ever, at first seems difficult, but dont give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  2. Choose 1 single simple project that is quick enough to finish – like a hat / cap / beanie, a granny square, coasters, etc. anything small.
  3. A finished project is the biggest motivator
  4. A long project on the other hand will drain you, as it may seem like its taking forever to complete.
  5. Do not pick up too many projects at the same time out of excitement. This will only over-whelm you and you may feel like giving up.

Now what should you go for:

  1. Choose a project that uses thick needle / hook 4.5 mm or 5 mm or above
  2. Choose a yarn that is thick enough for you to see, and how your hands maneuver the strand as your work the magic! Worsted, aran size or thicker or 5 ply or thicker
  3. Thicker yarns will help you appreciate the stitches better and even help you understand your mistakes
  4. Thick strand yarns with the right needle / hooks help finish your project much faster, et viola!

Practice makes perfect, so keep at it. Some tips:

  1. As you become more confident, you will start making projects that have patterns like – a variety of stitches, cables, bobbles, etc. In that case, always try and use single colored yarns.
  2. Single colored yarns help you see your stitches / patterns clearly, their beauty and also your mistakes.
  3. Multi colored hide the grace that you weaved with your own hands, and you may end up not as excited as you started it.
  4. If you are going to use simple stitches like single crochet or double crochet, just knit, just purl, or stockinette, then you may let a multi colored yarn play its beauty.